Fox Hires Brian Michael Bendis to Write Tim Miller’s Kitty Pryde Movie ‘143’

     February 13, 2018


The good and decent people of The Web will remember that, over a month ago, we broke the story that Tim Miller (Deadpool) was developing a Kitty Pryde movie for 20th Century Fox. Some folks doubted the veracity of the report. Now, however, the prestigious and infallible trades are reporting that not only are Fox and Miller developing it, but that the studio has hired prolific comics/TV series writer Brian Michael Bendis to write the script. It’s looking like Kitty Pryde’s solo project is on relatively solid ground. It even has a temporary title!

Deadline reported that Fox hired Michael Bendis to write the script for the movie codenamed 143, a nod to Marvel’s “X-Men” comic issue in which Kitty Pryde is home alone in the X-Mansion over Christmas and is forced to battle against an invading N’Garai demon. It’s pretty bonkers, but the standalone story could make for an interesting horror/home invasion/solo superhero flick that’s pretty unique. That sort of slant on the Kitty Pryde story could also mesh well with the presumed tone for Josh Boone‘s New Mutants, which has more of a horror focus. This is all speculation at this point but it’s an intriguing idea. THR later wrote about Fox’s team of Michael Bendis and Miller teaming up for this adaptation inspired by the aforementioned Chris Claremont and John Byrne comic, “Demon”, first published in 1981.


Image via Marvel Comics

In the meantime, Miller is currently producing a Sonic the Hedgehog movie for Paramount and will be directing the new Terminator film for the studio for a 2019 release. Add in the fact that the ongoing regulatory review of the impending Disney/Fox merger should take anywhere from 12 to 18 months (if it is approved at all) and things get a bit more complicated when it comes to Fox/Marvel projects in development.143 is still very much under this distinction, so until a cast and release date are announced, don’t go all-in for a solo Kitty Pryde movie just yet.

What do you think about Michael Bendis coming aboard the picture? Would you like to see the “Demon” story adapted for the big screen? Do you think it’ll tie into New Mutants somehow or just be a one-off? Lots to speculate on, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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