Rian Johnson Reveals How to Listen to ‘Knives Out’ Audio Commentary in Theaters

     December 21, 2019

Because Rian Johnson likes us and wants us to have fun watching his new movie Knives Out, he made an audio commentary track was available to pair with the movie. This is the third time Johnson has released a director’s commentary track to listen to as you watch one of his movies while it’s still in theaters. Previously, Johnson released tracks for The Brothers Bloom and Looper.

On Friday, Johnson hopped on Twitter to share all of the details about the audio commentary track, why he made another one, and how fans can get their hands on it before heading back to the theater to listen while they watch Knives Out for the umpteenth time. Johnson’s tweeted out: “I’m thrilled to announce the #KnivesOut in-theater commentary! Yes, now you can enjoy another round of whodunnit goodness with me squawking in your ear. Did this on ‘Bloom’ & ‘Looper’, happy to try it again.”

If you follow the link to the Knives Out audio commentary provided by Johnson, you’re taken to screen with instructions on how to download the audio file. After downloading the track, head back to your local theater and purchase a ticket for Knives Out. Johnson provides instructions for when to begin playing the audio commentary once you get settled and ready to watch. Of course, don’t be a jerkwad and listen to the track on full blast. Make sure you bring headphones, keep the volume at a reasonable level, and lock your screen so the brightness doesn’t harsh the mellow of your fellow theatergoers.

Knives Out is currently in theaters. For more, check out our in-depth Q&A with Rian Johnson and read our positive review of the whodunit.

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