Watch: Rian Johnson and Producer Ram Bergman Talk Making ‘Knives Out’ a Reality

     February 28, 2020


Lionsgate’s very fun murder mystery courtesy of one Rian JohnsonKnives Out, is finally out on digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD. In order to celebrate this genuinely momentous occasion, Johnson and Knives Out producer Ram Bergman have sat down to discuss what is was like bringing the story to the screen, Johnson’s creative process, and so much more.

There are tons of juicy tidbits in the seven-minute interview with Johnson and Bergman. One of the first and most interesting reveals is Bergman recounting just how quickly he and Johnson dove into Knives Out, rather than circle an idea for months before moving on it. According to Bergman’s recollection: “The Last Jedi comes out in December [2018]. We go to lunch like three weeks later and I kind of say, ‘Okay, you kind of, like, draw a schedule. You’re gonna go write the script and I want to be done with the film by the end of the year.”

As for Johnson, the imaginative director opened up about his creative process on working through the Knives Out story. Sure, it sounds like an intense process, but the way Johnson describes each step it also sounds very fulfilling, too.


Image via Lionsgate

“Everybody has a different way of approaching it. For me, the way I learned it and the way I go about it is I outline, outline, outline. I’m thinking in terms of characters, I’m thinking in terms of scenes, I’m thinking in terms of the mood of the movie. It’s not like a dry ‘This to that to that’; it is really getting into the guts of it. For me, it really, really helps to be thinking in terms of the shape of the thing, big picture, and be able to feel in my head, ‘Okay, this is the shape of the movie. This is where it starts, this is where it ends. This is why it starts here, this is why it ends here.'”

Johnson and Bergman also opened up about casting and why they went after Knives Out‘s eventual star, Daniel Craig, who plays the deft Southern-friend detective Benoit Blanc. It wasn’t the smoothest process securing Craig, but it all worked out for the best. For Johnson, “The casting process started with the character of Benoit Blanc. We knew that wanted to get, I mean, you know, we wanted to get a movie star who’s a brilliant actor.”

Bergman recalled, “Rian always was a huge fan of Daniel. They’ve met before on different occasions. When we were talking about who could it be [and] Daniel wasn’t available.” To this, Johnson added, “There was a really serendipitous thing that happened. The James Bond movie he was making [No Time to Die] pushed its schedule three months and he suddenly had a window. So, we went to him and he gave a very quick ‘Yes’ and we were off to the races.”

Check out Johnson and Bergman’s in-depth interview below.

Knives Out is available on digital, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD. For more, check out the latest details on the Knives Out sequel, courtesy of Johnson.

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