Collider Kids: Kobe Bryant’s Granity Studios & Cadence13 Team for Family-Friendly Podcast ‘The Punies’

     August 26, 2018


Here at Collider, we cover a lot of stuff, be it Star Wars, superheroes, or cinephile fare, and everything from movies and TV, to video games and web series. There’s something for everyone. But there’s so much stuff out there that sometimes our younger audience members get left out. So every once in a while, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some family-friendly content that parents and caregivers can confidently watch with the little ones.

In today’s Collider Kids segment, we’re bringing you a collection of new stories that should delight the whole family. First up is a new partnership for a family-friendly podcast titled The Punies. Developed by Kobe Bryant and his Oscar-winning Granity Studios in partnership with on-demand audio entertainment provider Cadence13, their first scripted family-friendly podcast series premiered just yesterday and will air every Saturday morning for a 10-week run, just like Saturday morning cartoons of the past. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify and iHeart Radio, The Punies made history as the first youth sports podcast to market.

Created and directed by Bryant, The Punies is a collection of scripted audio stories centering on a young boy named Puny Pete, who’s ambitious and determined, yet meek and insecure with a fear of failure. Pete’s friends, known as the “The Punies,” are an ethnically and emotionally diverse group of kids who love to play sports together, and like all real friends, don’t always get along. Told with humor, music and sound effects, each episode teaches important life lessons through a combination of character dialogue, sports radio commentary and fictional product commercial breaks related to youth sports. With an underlying theme of persistence in the face of failure, The Punies stems from Bryant’s own experiences with defeat and success during his legendary career.


“Having spent my whole life playing basketball, there were many times I wasn’t on the winning team. However, those experiences ultimately proved the most valuable because they taught me perseverance, determination, and teamwork. As the father of athletes myself, I created ‘The Punies’ so that these stories will not only entertain the whole family but inspire young listeners to reach their full potential,” said Bryant.

“’The Punies’ is another example of creative storytelling that will capture the imagination and hearts of children and parents alike in this innovative, important and impactful podcast series that will capture learning about perseverance and a willingness not to fail at its core. As a company looking to break new ground and strive for excellence with premium content, C13 is proud to align with someone who is so intensely and incredibly dedicated to his craft and storytelling. We are excited to welcome Kobe to podcasting with this groundbreaking series,” said Chris Corcoran, Cadence13’s Chief Content Officer.

The Punies is written by Jon Haller, who is currently the executive story editor for ABC’s Emmy-nominated series, Last Man Standing. Previously, he worked as a writing assistant for two seasons on NBC’s 30 Rock and as a writing assistant for HBO’s In Treatment.

Voice cast members of The Punies includes:

  • Cristoph Sanders – CLARK (Last Man Standing, Ghost Whisperer)
  • Diamond White – BB (Transformers: Rescue Bots, Disney’s The Lion Guard)
  • Suzie McGrath – KIMBERLY (BBC’s Eastenders, Law and Order: UK, and Star Wars: Resistance)
  • Ry Chase – PUNY PETE
  • Andy Cameron – GORDON
  • Rebecca Galarza – LILLY