Jordan Vogt-Roberts Destroys ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Criticisms [Updated]

     August 15, 2017


Earlier this year, Legendary / Warner Bros.’ Kong: Skull Island roared into theaters, pleasing fans and critics alike, and thundering its way to well over half-a-billion dollars at the worldwide box office. It’s the latest entry in the studios’ shared mega-monster universe, one that also includes Godzilla and the monstrous mythology that populates both franchises. The film came out on Blu-ray about a month ago and the next installment–Michael Dougherty‘s Godzilla sequel–isn’t due out until March 22, 2019. So why’s Kong: Skull Island back in the news today?

CinemaSins released their takedown of the film today, but that’s not exactly why; they’ve made a living out of snarking and sniping major motion pictures as the cinematic equivalent of Monday morning quarterbacks. The reason Kong: Skull Island is in headlines, however, is because the film’s director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has taken issue with the critical video. He took to social media to address the YouTuber’s list of presumed sins, taking apart a number of them with both visual evidence and insider information.

Here’s Vogt-Roberts’ Twitter thread addressing Kong: Skull Island and CinemaSins. See what he has to say and then let us know your thoughts in the comments!










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