Kotobukiya’s LOST PLANET 2 Action Figure Review

     September 21, 2010

The sequel to Capcom’s reasonably successful video game Lost Planet, aptly titled Lost Planet 2,was released earlier this summer. Kotobukiya was suppose to release four action figures Mechs in conjunction with the video game, but only now, many months later, have they started shipping. Was the wait worth it? Find out after the jump.

There simply aren’t enough ‘mech’ toys being made. As a rule, mechs (or walking vehicles which are usually controlled by a pilot) rock! With sleek, steam-punk, or lived-in industrial aesthetics, there’s something both plausible and just-this-side of science fiction looking with Mechs. From Playmates ill-fated ‘Exo-Squad’ figures (a favorite toy line of mine), to Ripley’s ‘power loader,’ from the film ‘Aliens,’ the merging of man and machine begs for action figure interpretation.

Lost Planet (1 and 2) place players in such contractions to varying degrees of success. I wasn’t a fan of the the play mechanics of either game. But I did enjoy the art direction of the game as a whole, and the mechanized armor suits specifically. So when Kotobukiya announced they were making action figures based on the designs found in the game, I was very excited. Kotobukiya is one of the preeminent manufactures of quality action figures and statues on the market today, so I assumed the figures would carry on their high standards.

Of the four figures, PTX-140 Hardballer Early version (the large white mech) and GTF-11SR Drio SR (the camo-painted mech) are the ones I’m focusing on; the other two figures will be featured in the second part of this review next week.

Both figures stand roughly 5 1/2 inches tall, have a nice dense feel. The paint application on the figures is very good, but not great. Hardballer could have used the painted rivets and the subtle airbrushing at the seams of the welded plates (as featured in early promotional shots of the figures). But what Hardballer lacks in paint aps it makes up for in bulk; simply put, Hardballer looks great standing or posed in battle on your desk. Kotobukiya’s Lost Planet 2 figures are beginning to show up on line right now. The word is these figures had a very limited production run, so their $35.00 price point will seem like a bargain in about a year.

Bottom line:

Articulation: 28 points = Excellent
Build: Joints are fairly sturdy = Good
Price: Between $35 and $40 = Standard price for import action figures of this quality
Availability: Available now.
Overall: If you like Mechs, this is a no-brainer.

A very special thanks goes out to www.kirinhobby.com for supplying me with the figures for review.


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