KRAMPUS Comic-Con Panel Recap: Adam Scott, Michael Dougherty Preview Christmas Horror

     July 12, 2015


In addition to presenting their Warcraft and Crimson Peak panels, Legendary also brought a special preview of co-writer/director Michael Dougherty’s (Trick ‘R Treat) holiday horror-comedy film Krampus to Comic-Con’s Hall H. The darker side of this Christmas story stars Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, and Allison Tolman, and the film opens in theaters on December 4th of this year.

Panel Highlights

  • krampus-posterDougherty joined Chris Hardwick on stage to talk about the film. He called the title character a “dark Santa Claus” who, instead of presents, crawls down your chimney, throws you in a bag, and eats you. “Very German.”
  • Dougherty wanted to make a real scary Christmas movie that wasn’t just Santa with an ax. His concept was, “What if all of those wishes you made turned dark because you stopped believing in Santa Claus?”
  • Stars Collette and Scott joined them to talk more about the film. Dougherty used classic Amblin Entertainment films, Gremlins, and Poltergeist as films that inspired Krampus, while Scott added that the first 30 minutes of the movie feel like a classic dysfunctional family comedy in the vein of Vacation.
  • Dougherty believes in the hybrid approach of using practical and digital effects.


The first trailer for Christmas starts out much like similar holiday fare: “Carol of the Bells” plays over scenes of greedy Capitalistic exchanges in chaotic Christmas settings, despicable extended family members showing up to a crowded party in a home in the suburbs, and kids being overshadowed by the adults. It honestly felt like watching a trailer for Home Alone in which the McCallisters canceled their travel plans and stayed home for Christmas … except that the kid’s wish turns really dark when a mythological monster shows up to make good on it. There are some great shots of creepy puppets and kids toys coming to life and attacking the adults, though the title monster is yet to be revealed in full.


  • Dougherty: “I don’t think it’s a good idea to reveal your creatures too much or too soon.”
  • Dougherty: “Merry Krampus!”

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