Kristen Bell to Star in Dark Indie Ballet Comedy DANCE OF THE MIRLITONS

     August 15, 2010


Kristen Bell has signed on to lead the dark indie ballet comedy Dance of the Mirlitons.  Written and directed by Evan Greenberg the story (per THR) centers on an ambitious, slightly overweight ballerina with an overbearing mother (Bell) who will stop at nothing to become a star. The girl enters a “Mean Girls”-type environment when she has to prove her worth in class.  The production is now beginning a nationwide search for a young actress to play a “precocious 10- to 12-year old.”

The casting of Bell’s character was made a priority because casting a name actress could get the ball rolling on financing.  With the role of the mother taken care of, Greenberg and the producers Daniel Dubiecki and Joel Michaely are hoping that they’ll discover a young talented actor like Billy Elliot did with Jamie Bell and Little Miss Sunshine did with Abigail Breslin.  But casting “precocious” is tricky so while it’s great that Bell is on board, now comes the difficult part.

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