Kristen Stewart in WANTED 2?

     April 22, 2010


Kristen Stewart may need to learn how to curving bullets.  E! Online reports that the actress is being considered as a replacement for Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2.  Jolie dropped off the project in February and has since been linked to other projects, including the There Will Be Blood-sounding drama Serena with Darren Aronofsky and playing the lead in Tim Burton’s live action adaptation of Maleficent, based on the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty.

There aren’t any more details on Stewart possibly joining Wanted 2 (she’d presumably play a different character than Jolie’s) other than the report that she met with director Timur Bekmanbetov.  In the meantime, Stewart is set to begin filming on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn this fall, although no official production date has been announced.

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