Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult on ‘Equals’, the Craft of Acting and Winning the Actors Lottery

     July 16, 2016

When you look over the filmographies of Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, you’ll see two actors who are able to shine in any genre and role. While a lot of people might criticize Stewart for her work in the Twilight films, I’d argue she did the best she could with the material, and the success of those films allowed her to land roles that might have gone to other actors. In addition, if you look at Stewart’s work in Camp X-Ray, American Ultra, or any of the other films she’s done over the past few years, you’ll see a gifted actor who doesn’t get enough credit.


Image via Venice Film Festival

Which brings me to writer-director Drake Doremus’ sci-fi drama Equals which is now playing in limited release. The film is Doremus’ first sci-fi movie and stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult as two members of a totalitarian state where emotions have been eradicated since birth. However, a new disease called Switched-On-Syndrome threatens society by allowing emotions to reemerge. Caught in the middle, Stewart and Hoult’s characters try and deal with the ramifications of the disease in a place where one false move would be the end of their new existence. For more on Equals, you can watch the trailers or read Adam’s review.

To help promote the film, I recently sat down with Stewart and Hoult for an extended video interview. Since they’ve talked a lot about the making of the film, I decided to use a lot of my time to get into the craft of acting and the way they like to work. As you can see in the video above, we talked about how they like to work on set, what it was like working together, if they like to change things up with each take, are they conscious of the camera when there’s a close-up, memorable moments from filming, and so much more. In addition, with each of them in cool upcoming projects, Stewart talked about filming with the high frame rate for Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Hoult talked about playing J.D. Salinger in Rebel in the Rye.


Image via TIFF

Check out what they had to say in the video at the top of the page and below you’ll find exactly what we talked about.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult:

  • What it’s like winning the actor’s lottery and getting to do a wide variety of roles
  • How they like to work on set and what it was like working together.
  • Are they conscious of the camera when there’s a close-up?
  • Do they like to change things up with each takes or nail a particular approach?
  • Memorable moments from filming.
  • If being on location helps them dive into the characters.
  • What it was like filming in Tokyo.
  • How the script changed based on their input.
  • Stewart on filming with the high frame rate for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.
  • Hoult on playing J.D. Salinger in Rebel in the Rye.

Image via TIFF


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