‘1917’ Scribe Krysty Wilson-Cairns Plans Return to TV with “Darkly Comic Thriller” Series

     January 20, 2020


It’s best you familiarize yourself with the name Krysty Wilson-Cairns right now because this Oscar-nominated screenwriter’s star is on the rise. The 1917 scribe reportedly has a new TV series in the works which sees her re-teaming with Neal Street Productions, the team behind the aforementioned WWI one-shot epic directed and co-written by Sam Mendes.


Image via Universal Pictures

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson-Cairns is working with 1917 producers Mendes and Pippa Harris as well as Caro Newling (all three are founding members of Neal Street Productions, too) on what’s being described as a “darkly comic thriller” television series currently titled Prophets. Wilson-Cairns and the Neal Street team have been working on Prophets for over a year now. While it’s unclear if the series will go into production — no official word from Harris, who spoke with THR, or another source has been given yet — it’s very likely it could now that Wilson-Cairns, Mendes, and the Neal Street team are getting recognition for 1917. Make sure you keep tabs on this project, especially if 1917 scoops up any Oscars soon, because it could mean good things for this mysterious Prophets series in the near future.

This is Wilson-Cairns’ second time working with Neal Street since her time spent writing for Showtime series Penny Dreadful in 2016. The Scottish screenwriter’s bond with Mendes and the Neal Street team has been strong in recent years; per THR the collaborators had two scripts in the works before 1917 which fell through. However, their commitment to making movies and television together is clearly very strong and very solid. Harris even remarked on Wilson-Cairns and her talent, telling THR,

“I think she’s such a talent and is super smart. She’s one of those people who writes incredibly quickly and is very versatile. I know from having read her previous work on Penny Dreadful, but also these other scripts she’s written for us, that they’re all totally totally different. And so I think she’s got a massive career ahead of her and could do whatever she wanted.”

Until Prophets gets on the ground, Wilson-Cairns will shift her focus from 1917 to Last Night in Soho later this year. She co-wrote the script for the Edgar Wright-directed dark drama and will no doubt be making the press rounds once again for this exciting and mysterious work. Wilson-Cairns is also working on an adaptation of The Good Nurse, a feature-length thriller which has Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne attached.

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