Kunal Nayyar talks THE BIG BANG THEORY at the 2009 Scream Awards

     October 18, 2009

Kunal_Nayyar Scream Awards 2009.jpg

A show I really love is “The Big Bang Theory”. While the first two seasons were good, this latest season has been the best so far. That’s because it feels like the writers have found all the characters voices and they’re delivering some of the best situational comedy on TV. The fact is…if you read a site like Collider and you’re not watching “The Big Bang Theory”, you’re missing out on a show that you’d really like.

Anyway, at last night’s 2009 Scream Awards, I managed to speak with Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali on “Big Bang Theory”) and we talked about how this season has been going and a lot more. Watch the interview after the jump:

Kunal Nayyar

  • When they got picked up for 2 seasons last year, what did he buy
  • Has he noticed how good this season has been
  • Wil Wheaton talk – he’s on the episode tomorrow
  • Any other guest stars coming up
  • Have any physicists tried to talk with him
  • Explains how he can talk in the cafeteria even though girls are around
  • Says they are filming episode 8 right now

Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory.jpg