Kyle Newman – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 29, 2007

This weekend, here in Los Angeles, there was a “Star Wars” celebration and the reason it was held was to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of “Star Wars.” The highlights of the show were the premiering of some footage from the new “Clone Wars” CGI show and the showing of footage from “Fanboys.” They even had the cast in attendance to talk about their roles.

“Fanboys” is about four friends who travel across the country to try and see Episode One early. The reason is one of them is dying of cancer and won’t make it till opening day. And while you think the movie might focus on that issue, for the most part it’s a comedy about Star Wars and making the most of the time you have with your friends.

The film takes place in 1998 and there are plenty of songs and references to the year all throughout the movie. Awhile ago I saw a test screening and thought it was great, that’s one of the reason’s I’ve been promoting the hell out it on Collider. I think if you’ve ever loved “Star Wars” you’ll fall for this movie pretty hard.

The interview below is with the director Kyle Newman. Here are some of the highlights:

  • He talks about the reaction of the fans at Celebration
  • The trailer for Fanboys will be on the movie Superbad, he talks about that film.
  • He gives a synopsis for Fanboys
  • I ask about comic con and Star Wars celebration Europe plans
  • I ask what did he buy at Celebration… it’s a lot of stuff.
  • With both Hasbro and Lucasfilm loving the movie I asked if he’d gotten any free stuff out of it.
  • Planning on some additional scenes that they’ll film in September
  • I ask about the casting of Dan Fogler, Seth Rogen and the other great cast members and what led to them being cast.
  • Plus more

Kristen Bell in “Fanboys” as Slave Leia

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