Watch: This ‘La La Land’/’Blade Runner 2049’ Mashup Is Surprisingly Great

     October 18, 2017


It’s a shame that audiences aren’t flocking to Blade Runner 2049. It’s a gorgeous piece of filmmaking with stunning performances and a surprisingly emotional core, and it’s a must-see theatrical experience—the cinematography by Roger Deakins alone is worth the price of admission. Perhaps mashing Blade Runner 2049 up with almost-Best-Picture-winner La La Land will boost its profile.

Yes indeed, YouTuber TheDoctorofWill has taken it upon himself to create a short video mashing up the characters, sounds, and visuals of La La Land with Blade Runner 2049, and the most surprising thing about it is this thing is actually really, truly impressive. It fits together incredibly well, and tracks a pretty funny narrative.

While the box office of Blade Runner 2049 continues to falter, at least the film is being appreciated by those who are showing up—and by my estimate, it has a pretty decent shot at making a splash at the Oscars. Not La La Land level mind you, but the craft alone will certainly rack up some nominations.

So check out the Blade Runner 2049/La La Land mashup video below, titled La La Land 2049.

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