Laika Sets September 26, 2014 Release for Untitled Animated Film

     October 8, 2012


Fresh off the success of this year’s endearing stop-motion animated film ParaNorman, Laika Studios has set a September 26th, 2014 release date for their next feature.  The title of the project hasn’t yet been revealed, but it’s likely one of two films the studio recently put into production: Goblins or WildwoodGoblins is an adaptation of the book by Philip Reeve which centers on a clever young goblin who lives among his slightly less-mannered brethren.  An ancient evil that only he understands is rising and threatens to bring all monsters and mythical creatures into “an epic magical conflict.”  Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Mark Gustafson is directing.

The other possibility is an adaptation of the adult fantasy novel Wildwood, by The Decemberists lead singer Colin Meloy.  Hit the jump for more.

The story of Wildwood is set in an alternate version of Portland, Oregon filled with magic and danger. The protagonist is a young lady who must enter the Impassable Wilderness in order to save her kidnapped younger brother.  The pic is planned as the first in a trilogy.

Though we don’t know which of these two projects is set for the 2014 release (per Box Office Mojo), we haven’t heard many updates about Wildwood in a while and the release date is near Halloween, so the best bet is for Goblins.  Both sound like great material for Laika, so I’ll be thrilled with either one.  Hopefully we hear firm word soon.  The project is currently the only film slated for the month of September in 2014.



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