LAIKA’s Stop-Motion TikTok Fight Challenge Video Is a Thing of Beauty

     May 25, 2020


Send help because I cannot stop watching Laika Studios‘ TikTok fight challenge video which features tons of incredible stop-motion animation. The studio that brought us Missing LinkCoralineParaNorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings was just the latest team to join the viral TikTok challenge — and it might be the most fun fight challenge video yet.

Laika debuted their incredible TikTok challenge video on Twitter on Friday, captioning the video with, “No one ever said animating was safe.” The video begins with one of the studio’s most iconic characters, Coraline, getting the special honor of being the first character to get hit before charging the camera to deliver her own form of animated justice. From there, we watch the incredible, eye-popping stop-motion animation unfold as various characters get into fights. From a herd of cows defending one of their own to a lemon getting a katana to the body before another lemon bounds into view to an animator getting knocked out before the birds circling around his head take a swing at the camera, the work done on Laika’s part to make this fight challenge video come together is so, so good.

The Laika Studios video is just the latest TikTok fight challenge video to quickly earn viral status. The studio’s video arrives just a few weeks after the fun, star-studded Boss Bitch Fight Challenge video grabbed the internet’s attention. In that video, celebs including Margot RobbieScarlett JohanssonFlorence PughZoe Bell, and Halle Berry, as well as tons of female stunt performers, joined forces to make it look like they were fighting one another despite sheltering in their own homes.

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