Lance Reddick Talks the Final Season of FRINGE, Comic-Con, Getting to Meet Robert Kirkman and More

     July 27, 2012


I love Fringe.  If you haven’t been watching, you’re missing out on a great sci-fi series that’s definitely worth your time.  And unlike The X-Files, which didn’t know how to end a storyline, every season of Fringe has focused on new ideas and mysteries.  It’s been a great ride that ends with a final 13-episode season this fall.

Last night at the Saturn Awards, I was able to speak with Lance Reddick on the red carpet.  We talked about the final season and what it’s about, his feelings on the show ending, what this year’s Comic-Con was like, the Saturn Awards, and how happy he was to meet Robert Kirkman as he’s a big Walking Dead fan.  Hit the jump to watch.

Lance Reddick

  • What does he enjoy about the Saturn Awards
  • :50 – What does it feel like going into the final season
  • 1:35 – How the show pays off the more you watch. Talks about how the final season deals with the Observers
  • 2:00 – How the final season begins in the future
  • 2:35 – What was Comic-Con like for him this year
  • 3:25 – Does he collect anything that he looked for at Comic-Con. Talks about how happy he was to meet Robert Kirkman as he’s a huge Walking Dead fan.

 Fringe Lance Reddick

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