Larry David Says There’s a “Pretty Good Chance” CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Will Return for an 8th Season

     March 14, 2010


Earlier today, Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star Larry David told a nearly sold-out crowd at the William S. Paley Festival that there was a “pretty good chance” the HBO sitcom would return for an 8th season.  In their article, Variety does not specify how many times David used the word “pretty” in making his comment.

HBO keeps the door open for David to new a season (because the network isn’t stupid), but David only does it if he has a good story to tell for the ten episodes produced each season.  In the most recent season, Larry was able to re-unite the Seinfeld cast and make it work damn well.  He also added the term “secondhand semen” to the national lexicon.

David told the audience that if Curb does come back, guest star JB Smoove would likely return (I don’t think fans would accept the show without Smoove’s character, Leon) and that he would consider an arc about the Toyota Prius he drives on the show (“Hey, Prius!”).