Netflix’s ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ Season 2 Trailer Teases a Colorful Zombie Apocalypse

     April 4, 2020


This week, Netflix released the trailer for The Last Kids on Earth Season 2. The new season, officially titled The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade, sees hero Jack Sullivan (Nick Wolfhard) and his friends continue their quest to fight off evil monsters and try to save the planet from total destruction. Totally no sweat, right?


Image via Netflix

Buckle up, because if you thought The Last Kids on Earth Season 1 was a real good time, you’re gonna love what this Season 2 trailer is teasing. Jack and his crew are still finding time to yuk it up with dance breaks, bike races, and food court feasts. But they soon find themselves on a new mission, or “the ultimate quest” according to Jack, which will see them teaming up with good monsters and fighting off some pretty scary ones. And if monsters shaped like spiked eyeballs or toothy worms weren’t freaky enough, Jack and Co. have to fight off zombie hordes, which have taken over their town. Gulp.

Based on Max Brallier‘s New York Times bestselling book series of the same name, The Last Kids on Earth‘s voice cast includes big names like Rosario DawsonBruce CampbellKeith DavidMark Hamill, and Catherine O’Hara, in addition to Wolfhard. Season 2 is an adaptation of the second book in Brallier’s series and will be comprised of 10 episodes, with each episode coming in at 22 minutes. The Last Kids on Earth is from Atomic Cartoons, with Scott Peterson serving as producer and showrunner.

The Last Kids on Earth arrives on Netflix on April 17. Season 1 of The Last Kids on Earth is available to stream on Netflix right now. Check out the action-packed trailer below and then take a peek at the Netflix animated shows we’re loving.