‘The Last of Us: Part II’ Trophies Revealed: Here’s What You’ll Need to Achieve Platinum

     June 18, 2020


[Editor’s note: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Last of Us: Part II.]

Calling all trophy hunters and achievement hounds, the trophy list for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated sequel The Last of Us: Part II is now available. Mostly. (We’ve got one hidden trophy left, but we’ll sort that out as soon as we’re able; probably something Difficulty-related since we’ve only beaten the game on Baby Mode.) The good news is that most of them seem pretty achievable simply from playing the game, and there aren’t that many of them. The bad news, relatively, is that it’ll probably take you two playthroughs to get all the trophies and snag that Platinum.

We’ve got the full list for you below, but it begs an additional spoiler warning. Most of the achievements are either collection or upgrade-related, but some of those very achievements are also a bit spoilery regarding the plot. You can read my entire spoiler review here if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, or for a more general review, take a look here. Our first playthrough netted nearly a third of these trophies, but even a relatively exhaustive first run didn’t nearly attain enough resources to max out either the player skills or the weapon upgrades. Looks like ya boy’s going back for Round 2!


Image via Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Here’s a look at all of the trophies we’ve discovered so far:

  • So Great and Small – Find the Engraved Ring
  • Relic of the Sages – Find the Strange Artifact
  • Put My Name Up – Earn the high score in the archery game
  • Sharpshooter – Win the marksmanship competition
  • Hidden Trophy – (Still working this one out… might be a Difficulty tier challenge? Update: Nope! This is “Looks Good on You.” You’ll need to put the hat on Joel in the dinosaur museum after putting it on two dinosaurs.)
  • Mint Condition – Find 5 coins
  • Starter Set – Find 5 trading cards
  • Apprentice – Learn a player upgrade
  • Tinkerer – Upgrade a weapon
  • Tools of the Trade – Craft every item
  • In the Field – Find 12 workbenches
  • High Caliber – Find all weapons
  • Survival Training – Learn 25 player upgrades
  • Journeyman – Find all training manuals
  • Sightseer – Visit every location in downtown Seattle
  • Safecracker – Unlock every safe
  • Specialist – Learn all player upgrades in one branch
  • Mechanist – Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Prepared For the Worst – Find all workbenches
  • Numismatist – Find all coins
  • Master Set – Find all artifacts and journal entries
  • Arms Master – Fully upgrade all weapons
  • Survival Expert – Learn all player upgrades
  • What I Had to Do – Complete the story
  • Every Last One of Them – Collect all trophies

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