Final ‘Last Week Tonight’ for the Foreseeable Future Addresses the Coronavirus

     March 16, 2020


All of the late night shows (along with other larger swaths of the world) are shutting down. There’s just no good reason to keep them running in the midst of a pandemic when not only do you have a staff that should work from home, but also a live studio audience to laugh at the jokes. Late night comedy shows are comforting, and bizarrely in our current age, a vital source of information as the news media scrambles for objectivity that actually waters down their reporting in an attempt to equalize the response among all players.

Arguably the best late night show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had what looks to be its final show for the foreseeable future. As Oliver noted, they couldn’t even record in their normal spot since the building where they normally tape the show had a positive case of coronavirus, and there was no studio audience for obvious reasons. And yet in a testament to the show’s strength, the jokes still landed. Last Week Tonight has its brand and tone down cold, and yet even while dealing with a pandemic, they managed to still be hilarious and informative.

This is Oliver’s second segment on COVID-19 to give you a sense of how quickly things are moving with this virus, and he recounts the Trump Administration’s abysmal response and why Americans need to take it upon ourselves to “flatten the curve” so that the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhelmed. He also takes about thirty seconds to voice his frustration and the disruption to our normal lives, specifically for Oliver, how close his favorite soccer team, Liverpool, was to winning the championship for the first time. But it’s good advice: take 30 seconds to just be mad at this whole situation. Hell, if you’re staying home, be as mad as you like. Just stay home.

Check out the Last Week Tonight below, and stay safe out there, everyone.