Watch: Laura Dern Recognized as an Icon During Spirit Awards Musical Number

     February 9, 2020


All hail Laura Dern, who was (rightfully) recognized as a gay icon during the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards. The Dern-focused performance was among the many highlights of Saturday’s show where films including Marriage Story, which counts Dern among its cast, was awarded.


Image via Film Independent

During the Spirit Awards proceedings, host Aubrey Plaza introduced the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles by mentioning the need for more queer representation in film and rightfully acknowledging some very good queer films were nominated at this year’s show. But, Plaza also noted the show’s desire to “shine on a spotlight on some of the gayest moments in other films that you may not have realized were gay.” It was then the Gay Men’s Chorus took the stage as a clip reel played, revealing moments like Jennifer Lopez‘s pole dance to Fiona Apple in HustlersFKA Twigs talking about snakes in Honey Boy, and Octavia Spencer playing a history teacher in Luce to be among the gayest moments in otherwise non-queer films. With the audience still laughing with each reveal, the Gay Men’s Chorus then went on a joyful run spotlighting every one of Dern’s Marriage Story moments, including her lawyer character kicking off her heels in her office and taking off her blazer while in court. As the chorus crescendoed into something otherworldly and joyous, Dern fully began to dance in her seat, rejoicing at this glorious salute. It was, in a word, perfect.

Watch the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles serenade Laura Dern below. For more, check out Adam Sandler’s memorable acceptance speech here.

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