Laura Linney Talks THE DETAILS, HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, and More

     November 10, 2012


The film The Details, directed by Jacob Aaron Estes, stars Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks as the familiar unhappy suburban couple with a raccoon problem. When Maguire has a need to win over his “wack-a-doodle” neighbor Lila (Laura Linney) his life is thrown upside down in an unpredictable and almost incomprehensible way. The journey of the characters in the film meanders through a series of connected but random events that question the values of truth and integrity and examines to what lengths good people will go to protect the ones they love. The film also features Ray Liotta, Kerry Washington and Dennis Haysbert. 

At the New York press day, I was able to speak with one of it’s stars, Laura Linney, and get her personal insight into the dark comedy. We talked about her experience on set, the development of her crazy character and she gave me some personal anecdotes about other projects she was involved in, including working with Bill Murray in Hyde Park on Hudson. Click after the jump to watch.

Laura Linney:

  • How did she get involved in this film?
  • How much of the character was rewritten for her specifically, and how did she prepare for the role?
  • The atmosphere on the set of the very dark comedy
  • Working on Hyde Park on Hudson and what it was like to work with Bill Murray


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