Limited Paper: Mondo Preparing to Drop Laurent Durieux’s Five-Poster Universal Monster Set Online

     October 29, 2012

Earlier this month (time is just clippin’ by, ain’t it?), the Mondo guys opened the doors on what would turn out to be their biggest, most-jam-packed, celeb-studded, bank-account-draining Mondo Gallery show ever:  the Universal Monsters Show.  Featuring new artwork by Jason Edmiston, Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin, Kevin “Kevin Dong” Tong, and the incomparable Drew Struzan, the show was a runaway hit.

But what about all the poster fans out there who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the one sane city in all of Texas?  Are they gonna get a shot at some of the prints that debuted during that show?  Of course you are!  But don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, Princess:  instead, meet me after the jump to  find out how you can pick up five (!!!) of the prints from Mondo Gallery’s Universal Monsters Show sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Most of our Austin-based readers can probably feel free to skip today’s writeup, especially if you’ve already purchased Laurent Durieux’s set of five kickass Universal Monsters prints during last weekend’s opening at the Mondo Gallery.  No, really, don’t feel obligated to stick around:  you guys can go back to whatever it is you do when Limited Paper isn’t around (I’m  guessing Whippits.  Is it Whippits?  I have met more than a few readers who look like big-time Whippits aficionados, lemme tell ya), but you may wanna read the last paragraph to find out what’s headed your way later this week and next.

Now, for the rest of you guys, this is awesome news:  your first (non-secondary-market) chance to pick up any of the Laurent Durieux pieces!  And at cost!  Or, hell, buy the whole damn set if you think you can get it carted in time!  Whatever it is you want from the Durieux series, just get it processed quick when the time comes:  there’s probably still a fair number of each poster left over for tomorrow’s online drop, but they’re almost definitely not gonna last long.  So, here’s what you’ll be picking from tomorrow afternoon at a random time (link will be announced via that @MondoNews Twitter feed) , as per usual):

  • Creature From The Black Lagoon by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $50 regular edition of 475

  • The Wolfman by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $50 regular edition of 380

  • Dracula by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $50 regular edition of 350

  • Frankenstein by Laurent Durieux
  • 21×36” (this is the only non-24×36” piece in this set)
  • $50 regular edition of 375

  • The Mummy by Laurent Durieux
  • 24×36”
  • $50 regular edition of 400

And there ya have it, people:  the entire set can be yours for the low, low price of just $250 (plus tax, shipping, and however many man-hours you spend F5-ing the Mondo Twitter feed as you wait for the drop to occur).  I’d be willing to bet that picking up all 5 on eBay right now would run ya at least $500, maybe even more  (Ed. Note:  Just looked up the average sales prices on this series, and the average cost for the whole shebang for a set bought elsewhere is actually more than $500…and by more than 20%).

In other words:  if you didn’t make it to the Univeral Monsters Gallery Show last week and have been wanting this set of prints ever since, this is the time to pick ‘em up:  if ya don’t get ‘em now, they’re only likely to cost ya even more a month or two up the road.  Good news is, the edition sizes on these Durieux pieces are enormous (wonder why Dracula got the lowest run in the series–with 350– while The Mummy was picked to get the super-sized edition of 400?), and if you’re hoping to grab a few of these you should have luck on your side.  Whole set’s gonna be trickier to pull off, but…oh, well:  the only way new guys ever get better at scoring on Mondo drops is via practice, so…good luck, and get practicing!

Stay tuned for more updates on Mondo’s forthcoming poster drops, folks, including news and photos regarding their forthcoming Reservoir Dogs online drop, the remaining Universal Monsters prints, and what we suspect is going to be a new month with more than a couple surprises.  We’ll also be kicking off our next giveaway/contest pretty soon (reminder:  you’re going to be designing a Limited Paper logo, just like the select few ran—and rewarded!—in our most recent edition of Limited Paper), as I just locked in a couple of prizes for the event (and they’re awesome).

As always, if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, but the really important thing you need to remember is this:  you gotta be sure that you’re following us on Twitter (via @LimitedPaper) if we ever want to do that “1,000 Followers Giveaway” I’ve been promising for weeks.  While you’re waiting on another 400 people to join us, make yourself at home and wait for this week’s forthcoming commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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