Lawrence, Greengrass, Cooper, Berlanti, and Campbell on Shortlist to Direct TALES FROM THE GANGSTER SQUAD

     October 6, 2010


Earlier today, we reported that Warner Bros. was offering the director’s chair to Tales from the Gangster Squad to Darren Aronofsky after Ben Affleck decided to pass on the project.  Latino Review is now reporting that Warner Bros. has some other major names lined up should Aronofsky choose to go another way (a way that would most likely involve retractable adamantium claws).  The five other candidates for the gig are Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum), Scott Cooper, Greg Berlanti (Life As We Know It), and Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

Latino Review also reports that they’ve read the script for Tales from the Gangster Squad and “it’s all sorts of kickass.”  The story centers on Sgt. John O’ Mara and his off-the-record gang of LAPD officers who attempt to bring down legendary gangster Micky Cohen in the late 1940s.

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