Lazy Sunday: Can You Find All 50 Movies In Empire’s Cryptic Canvas?

     May 24, 2009

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and while we should be honoring the dead, we will most likely be honoring them in our own special fashion: barbecues and sleeping in.  But since you probably don’t have work tomorrow, may I suggest spending the next 48 hours trying to squeeze every last piece of movie knowledge from your skull as you try to solve Empire’s “Cryptic Canvas”.  In the picture below, there are the titles for fifty movies.  All the movies are from the past twenty years which mercifully narrows it down.  You have to guess which part of the image represents a specific title.  I was able to correctly guess 33 out of 50 before sleep claimed me.  I’m sure you’ll have better luck and perhaps figure out what movie title comes from a dragon about to devour a car.  Was there a movie called “Dragon Eats Car” that I missed?

Click here or on the image below to try the challenge.


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