LeBron James and Kevin Hart Star as Brothers in BALLERS

     December 4, 2013


A new Universal picture is teaming up NBA superstar LeBron James and stand-up stand-out Kevin Hart (This Is the End) in the sports comedy, Ballers.  The odd-sized duo will play a pair of brothers, with the 5’3″ Hart literally living in the shadow of his 6’8″ sibling-turned-pro athlete.  The script, co-written by Hart and his writing partners Joey Wells, Chris Spencer and Harry Ratchford, gives the smaller brother a chance to shine when he and his buddies attend a weekend fantasy basketball camp in Miami.  As soon as Hart and Co. turn in the script, the studio will start looking to sign a director.  Production is scheduled to start next summer during James’ off-season.  Hit the jump for more.

ride-along-kevin-hart-ice-cubeDeadline reports that Hart and James will star in Ballers.  The project has been in the works for some time, with James looking to star in his feature debut and bring some crossover appeal to his career.  The last time someone of James’ NBA stature took his talents to the big screen was probably when Michael Jordan starred opposite Bugs Bunny in Space Jam.  Here’s hoping this one gets off the ground, if only to see the greatest height discrepancy between leads since the 6’2″ Arnold Schwarzenegger starred with his 5′ on-screen brother Danny DeVito in Twins.

While James has been looking to get into the Hollywood game for a while, Hart has been making bank with his box office successes.  He’ll star alongside Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in the upcoming boxing comedy, Grudge Match, followed by the Universal cop comedy Ride Along, starring Ice Cube.  That last picture has already been green-lit for a sequel.  Hart will also lead the sequel to the hit, Think Like a Man, in Think Like a Man Too, and stars in the remake of About Last Night.

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