LeBron James and Method Man Join TRAINWRECK; Laura Linney Set for SLIGHT TRICK OF THE MIND; Nat Wolff May Star in THE STAND

     May 7, 2014


We’ve got a few casting announcements to attend to.  Briefly:

  • As Judd Apatow prepares to begin production on the Amy Schumer-fronted Trainwreck, LeBron James and Method Man have been tapped to appear.
  • Laura Linney will join Ian McKellen in the Sherlock Holmes drama A Slight Trick of the Mind.
  • Writer/director Josh Boone is penning a role specifically for Nat Wolff (Admission) in his Stephen King adaptation The Stand.

Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned casting.

judd-apatow-trainwreckPer The Wrap, LeBron James and Method Man have joined the large cast of Judd Apatow’s next directorial effort Trainwreck.  The film’s primary focus is on a character played by comedian Amy Schumer, “a basket case who tries to rebuild her life, but still to be found are her boyfriend, a best friend/co-worker and a parent.”  Bill Hader co-stars with a cast that also includes Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Tilda Swinton, Mike Birbiglia, Barkhad Abdi, and Jon Glaser.  Apatow is prone to fill his features out with familiar faces in small supporting roles, so don’t expect to see LeBron James and Method Man in any significant capacity.  The film opens on July 24, 2015.

Additionally, THR reports that Laura Linney will star opposite Ian McKellen in director Bill Condon’s (Dreamgirls) drama A Slight Trick of the Mind.  McKellen will play an aging Sherlock Holmes living out his final days in a remote farmhouse, whose only company is his housekeeper and her young son.  Linney will play the housekeeper, while McKellen’s Holmes strikes up a relationship with her son and starts to revisit the circumstances of the unsolved case that forced him to retire.  Linney previously worked with Condon on Kinsey and The Fifth Estate.

Finally, though director Josh Boone is still in the very early stages of his Stephen King adaptation The Stand, he tells THR that he’s writing a character specifically for his The Fault in Our Stars actor Nat Wolff.  There’s no guarantee Wolff will eventually star in the film given that the script will likely go through plenty of development with Warner Bros., but Wolff has appeared in all of Boone’s films to date, starting with his debut Stuck in Love.  Call it a good luck charm.


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