Co-Director Lee Unkrich Talks FINDING NEMO 3D

     September 11, 2012


Opening this weekend is Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3D.  Unlike some post-converted movies that are released as a cash grab, Finding Nemo 3D is absolutely worth seeing again, especially in 3D.  When the movie was first released almost ten years ago, the gorgeous ocean-set pic looked beautiful and the animation was stunning.  However, when Pixar converted the film, they also re-rendered it (without changing anything) and it’s now even more vivid with higher resolution.  Finding Nemo has never looked this good and the 3D actually helps tell the story.

Recently, Pixar held a press day for the re-release at The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  While there I was able to speak with co-director Lee Unkrich.  We talked about the all-star group of filmmakers that brought Nemo to life, his reaction seeing the film in 3D, how technology has changed Pixar and things have changed ten years after Nemo, his relief that he didn’t screw up the Toy Story franchise (he directed Toy Story 3), and what he has coming up.  Hit the jump to watch.

Lee Unkrich:

  • Talks about the all-star group of filmmakers that made Finding Nemo and what he remembers about making the film
  • What was his reaction seeing the film in 3D. Talks about how they originally tried to create the illusion of depth back when they were making the film
  • How technology has changed Pixar and what can they do now ten years after Nemo
  • When he looks back on Finding Nemo, is there a sequence he’d like to change or a sequence that was incredibly difficult to accomplish
  • Does he still feel relieved that he didn’t screw up Toy Story 3
  • Talks about how everyone knows he’s working on an upcoming Pixar movie for 2015 (Untitled Dia de los Muertos Project)


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