LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Highball Impressions at Fantastic Fest

     September 26, 2010


One of the zaniest things about Fantastic Fest is the excellent Highball arcade/bar combination. Think of Dave & Buster’s, with a twist of awesome that includes a slew of arcades from the 80s (and beyond), a bowling alley addition, and private karaoke rooms. This is the place to go after Fantastic Fest screenings, as several cast and crew come by to enjoy the festive atmosphere. All that said, the Highball is made infinitely more awesome when invaded by zombies, which is exactly what an exclusive level made by Joshua Driggs for Left 4 Dead 2 turns into a reality. Join me after the break for some impressions for the level and when you can play it yourself.

left_4_dead_2_video_game_coverFirst off, if you haven’t joined in on the Left 4 Dead craze, it is a fantastic multiplayer experience that is at once hellacious addicting and fear inducing. The game plays out as a four-player co-op online with options of playing as the zombie horde or a number of the special “infected” classes. However, the main fun is playing as the four different main human survivors who have to battle their way through wave after wave of zombies. There typically is no objective other than sheer survival for a set time as you move from safe house to safe house within the levels.

Having spieled about the game, the level itself is an uncanny representation of the Highball venue. Everything is here, including a working bowling alley which you can throw a ball down and the upstairs karaoke rooms. Oh, and skee-ball! The entire project took approximately three months to create, and Driggs was given complete access to the Highball. However, one quickly learns that while the venue is fantastic to have fun at, it doesn’t serve as a great fortress against a zombie invasion. Don’t let that deter you from playing the level though, as various strategies for how best to rid the level of infected have already gathered supports and it plays out really well.

You can check out a preview of the level below and look for the full map to be released soon at fantasticfest.com/arcade or zapwizard.com. As always, stay tuned to Collider for more from Fantastic Fest and all things film.

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