Legacy Effects Comic-Con Panel Reveals How to Make a Dinosaur

     July 10, 2015

legacy-effects-comic-con-sliceCulled from the, well…legacy of the Stan Winston School, the appropriately named Legacy FX is one of Hollywood’s leading practical effects company, responsible for some of the most remarkable and beloved film effects of all time. Jurassic Park? Yes. Terminator? Yep. Pacific Rim? You bet. Iron Man, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the list goes on. They even had a hand in designing Avatar

For their Comic-Con Panel, Legacy team members Alan Scott, John Cherevka, Scott Patton, John Rosengrant, Dave Merritt and Trever Hensley headed up a panel, representing the myriad departments of effects creation, from paint to design to creature creation, and discussed the state of practical effects today in an intimate, small-scale panel that allowed for an open back and forth between the panelists and audience.

This was one of those great panels that reminds you why Comic-Con can be a magical place for nerds. Outside the massive-scale advertising and star fuckery, it can be a wonderful shared experience for people who love the shit out of geeky things and get the rare chance to rub elbows with their idols. Check out the full panel recap below.

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