THE LEGEND OF CONAN Could Start Filming in Spring 2015

     August 5, 2014


Though Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen hasn’t really been as triumphant as some had hoped, he has a couple of highly anticipated reprisals on tap for the near future.  The actor is currently filming Terminator: Genesis in New Orleans, where he once again fills the role of a titular Terminator, and now it appears that he could be returning to the Conan franchise as early as next spring.  Paradox Entertainment has been working to put together The Legend of Conan for a few years now, and while Schwarzenegger has expressed interest in returning for the fantasy action sequel, the film has yet to materialize.

However, producer Fredrik Malmberg now says that he hopes The Legend of Conan will be Schwarzenegger’s next film, adding that they’re poised to start filming next spring if all goes according to plan.  More after the jump.

arnold-schwarzenegger-legend-of-conanSpeaking with The Arnold Fans (via CS), Malmberg said he expects the most recent polish of the script to be in shortly:

“We’ll probably have this turned in around September after the holiday, and then we’ll take it to the studio and if they’re happy, we can hopefully start [production] in the spring.”

Now that’s definitely a lot of “ifs”, but Schwarzenegger has been keen on returning to the world of Conan in the past.  Malmberg said a director hasn’t been chosen just yet, but claims that candidates have expressed interest ranging from “old great names” to “new fresh faces”.  He says both he and Schwarzenegger are hoping this will be the actor’s next film, but it all comes down to how the screenplay turns out.

Again, The Legend of Conan doesn’t yet have a greenlight or a release date so this is all preliminary, but if Universal and Schwarzeneger like this latest draft of the script, it’s possible that the pic could enter production early next year as Malmberg is hoping.


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