‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Returns as a Game Show for Grown-Ass Adults on Quibi

     December 16, 2019


Whether you’re a Red Jaguar, Blue Barracuda, Green Monkey, Orange Iguana, Purple Parrot, or a Silver Snake, you’re getting a second chance to assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, outsmart the Temple Guards and get out of the Temple before time is up, because Nickelodeon’s iconic ‘90s series Legends of the Hidden Temple is back!

Quibi has announced a revived and reimagined take on Legends of the Hidden Temple, the cherished 90s competition show produced by Nickelodeon and Stone & Company. Originally airing from 1993-1999 on Nickelodeon, Legends of the Hidden Temple holds a special place in millennial hearts — inspiring a movie, mobile games and one of the most popular Halloween costumes every year.


Image via Nickelodeon

This new, supersized, reimagined version will preserve many of the favorite original elements of the show–the Moat Crossing, Olmec and the Temple Run–but will see them “grown up” for an audience that’s grown up along with them. The entire set will be taken out of the studio, into a jungle and scaled up with tougher challenges and bigger prizes on the line. (No word yet on whether or not Kirk Fogg is returning to host the events.)

Superfans, it’s time to get your knee and elbow pads ready; Quibi will soon be looking for contestants to participate in this action-packed competition that promises to test your adventure skills at a whole new level. Enter at your own risk: “The choice is yours and yours alone.”

Executive producer Scott A. Stone said:

“Bringing back ‘Legends’ for Quibi is a dream come true. I have been so lucky to be part of this defining millennial show, and now there is a defining millennial platform to go with it. I couldn’t be more excited.”


Image via Nickelodeon

Legends of the Hidden Temple is produced by Nickelodeon and Stone & Company Entertainment (Paradise Run, A Season With, The Mole). The series is executive produced by Scott A. Stone, one of the original creators of the beloved hit, along with David G. Stanley and Stephen R. Brown.

Quibi launches on April 6, 2020. Sign up for news updates on Quibi, including Legends of the Hidden Temple.