The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Cast Explain How Constantine Will Shake Things Up on the Waverider

     December 7, 2017


Legends of Tomorrow was created by recycling some of the best side-characters of the Arrow-verse, and allowing them to have their own adventures. (Not to mention that it recycled some of its villains as well to create the excellent Legion of Doom last year). But with its midseason finale, “Beebo the God of War” — which was excellent — we got a glimpse at another character who has been given a second (or maybe third chance): John Constantine.

Though Constantine originally aired on NBC, the character, played by Matt Ryan, has had a second run on The CW thanks to his brief Season 4 appearance on Arrow, and will get his own animated series on CW Seed in 2018 (just like Vixen, who also appeared on Arrow, and The Ray, who was introduced during the crossover). The promo for Legends of Tomorrow‘s return shows that Constantine will be joining the team on the Waverider, and (as we saw at the end of the midseason finale) it has something to do with Mollus — who may be the figure behind Damien Darhk’s powers.


Image via The CW

From the Legends set in Vancouver last month, the cast spoke to us about having Constantine join the team (just as Jax is leaving). “Our season thus far has been heavily influenced by the supernatural and by magic, so it’s very appropriate to have him there,” Brandon Routh said. “It’s Ray’s first encounter with Constantine, so I think it’s kinda cool to have him aboard the ship, and I did get to have a fun scene with Matt [Ryan].”

Magic was something of a controversial inclusion to Arrow Season 4 through the rise of Damien Darhk, but it makes a little more sense in the mayhem that is Legends of Tomorrow. As Caity Lotz noted when she was asked about Sara’s relationship with Constantine:

I’ve gotten to work with Matt before on Arrow, but I think I was pretty much possessed the whole time. He is a fabulous actor. We had so much fun on set. [Constantine] is like this really cocky guy who thinks he is the ish. I think Sarah throws him for a loop because he thinks he is all impressive but then she is like (makes attack noises) takes everybody down. Yeah, I think they are friends. They like each other.

One of the most interesting things about Legends of Tomorrow is how the show isn’t afraid to rotate its core cast. Though losing Jax and Stein will be a big blow to the series, Maisie Richardson-Sellers revealed that, “[Constantine’s] such a different kind of male presence than we’ve had on the show in any other episodes. It definitely shakes everyone up, and there’s quite a fun dynamic with Nate as well. He gets a little bit jealous. So, I think just his ballsy sort of energy and his skills that he has, Amaya definitely admires that, and loves the fact that he’s so gung-ho about everything. She looks up to him, definitely.”


Image via The CW

As far as Constantine’s potential interest in the amulets, given their magic, Tala Ashe said, “I think he’s going to be interested in the totems in general and what their meaning is, and he might be someone who can help with figuring out what that means.”

However, the best comments on the arrival of Constantine came from Dominic Purcell, whose character Mick Rory has dubbed him “Trenchcoat” (“I mean, everyone gets a nickname from Rory! It’s a term of endearment,” he said):

Well, Trenchcoat has just arrived and I’ve only had one scene with him, and that was last week. He was hitting on Wentworth’s character. Isn’t Constantine bisexual? And it was all too much for Rory, so he just kind of walked out. Wentworth’s character now — what’s Wentworth’s character now? It’s not Captain Cold! Citizen Cold! So Citizen Cold is different to Captain Cold. Completely different. So Rory watching Citizen Cold and Trenchcoat flirt with one another was like too much for Rory, so he just fucking got out of there. That’s what I remember doing. It’s all too much! Too much information! Which makes it really funny. The scene is hysterical. We were all just on the floor laughing, so it’s all done in good fun.

I for one am very excited to see what kind of dynamic Trenchcoat brings to the team in 2018! And to that end, Legends of Tomorrow returns in February. Check out the promo below: