‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Extended Trailer Teases the JSA and 4-Way Crossover

     October 7, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow started off with a lot of potential in its first season, even if its premise (of taking some well-liked but secondary characters on The Flash and Arrow and making them time-traveling rogues) was a little shaky. A weak villain and forced love triangles (and ultimately, plots that just weren’t much fun) sank the season, and made Legends feel like a show we had to watch if we wanted to keep up with The Flash and Arrow crossover storylines, rather than a show that was fun in its own right. I mean honestly, is anyone a fan of just Legends? Or enjoys Legends more than The Flash? Reveal and explain yourself!

Still, Legends seems poised in Season 2 to bring some interesting things to the table. Firstly there’s a shakeup among the core team, which has added a historian (played by Nick Zano) as well as a whole new host of heroes — who don’t just bumble their way through space and time like a wrecking ball — with the Justice Society of America. Even more promising, perhaps, is the Legion of Doom, which will take villains Damien Darhk, Eobard Thawne, and others in a super-villain team-up that could be a lot of fun. And fun is really the key word with Legends. At this summer’s TCA press tour, I spoke briefly with EP Phil Klemmer about how Season 2 might be different than what we’ve seen before, and he assured me that the emphasis is just going to be on having fun. In Legends‘ premiere episode, that idea seems to be intact. It’s a silly hour, but why not? Legends has always been the most undeniably comic book-y of the current superhero shows, and as long as it stays entertaining, I’ll stick with it.

Now, a new and extended promo for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 is dropping some tantalizing hints at not just what we might see in the next few weeks on the show, but also some idea of the epic 4-way crossover that’s coming. Check it out below:

Is that a voicemail from future Barry Allen? Is Ray a caveman? It also looks like Jonah Hex will be returning (which will hopefully be a good thing, but man, his episode in Season 1 was disappointing).  Plus, more quips from Mick Rory and some badass ninja skills from Sara (also, Vixen’s animal powers seem like they’re getting a decent budget to not be hokey). But is this enough? Are you convinced to stick with it? Let us know in the comments.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on Thursday, October 13th.