‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’: What the Justice Society of America Means for Season 2

     May 20, 2016


Spoilers follow for those of you who haven’t caught up with the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

If you watched The CW’s season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow last night, then you’re aware that some pretty big additions are in store for season two. As Allison Keene mentioned in her finale recap, the title team had their hands full with the first season’s big bad, but ultimately dealt with him in as savage a way as possible. With that bow neatly tied, a new wrinkle was added to the show by way of a brand new character making his appearance at the episode’s end.

That character, played by Patrick J. Adams (Suits), introduced himself as Rex Tyler (a.k.a. Hourman), a member of the Justice Society of America who was sent back in time by none other than Mick Rory in order to save the lives of all the Legends. That’s a big nugget to drop on fans at the end of an episode, let alone the end of a season. But while longtime comic book fans may have an inkling of what’s coming in Season 2, the average viewer was probably left a little confused. So let’s clear some things up.


Image via DC Comics

THR caught up with Marc Guggenheim to talk about what the arrival of Hourman and the JSA means for Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow. He had this to say:

“With his final words in the finale, he planted a pretty deep flag about where we’re headed in season two, which is not just introducing Hourman but introducing his teammates in the Justice Society of America. For comic book fans, everyone knows the Justice Society is really the precursor to the Justice League, so it’s a pretty big move in our DC universe here on TV.”

Though there is much to bemoan about the gulf that separates DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ cinematic universe from its TV-verse, the introduction of the JSA is actually a pretty cool move for the TV side. Today, it’s less well known than the Justice League, which is of course getting its own feature film(s) treatment. However, the JSA is packed with interesting and iconic heroes that have decades worth of comic book storylines and mythology. Guggenheim continued:

“God bless both the studio and the network. They’ve never said, ‘This is too big. You can’t do it.’ They have often said, ‘Jeez, this is so big, how are you going to do it?’ They say that a lot. They’re always asking us how the hell we’re going to pull something off. Inevitably, our answer is, ‘We literally have no idea. But we’ll figure out a way.'”

Personally, I’m still hoping that the DC TV braintrust figures out a way to pull off the “Blackest Night” storyline, but with Green Lantern tied up in the movie-verse, that’s probably never going to happen. So while the Green Lantern Alan Scott, who was rumored to be making an appearance in the Legends finale before the arrival of Rex Tyler squashed that for good, may not be checking in for the JSA, there are plenty of other heroes who could, and should. Some you’ve already met.


Image via DC Comics