The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Cast Tease the Midseason Finale’s Puppet-palooza

     December 10, 2018

legends-of-tomorrow-season-4-sliceIf you’ve been watching the bonkers CW hit show Legends of Tomorrow, then you know crazy is what they do best. Based on the actions of John Constantine in the previous episode, the universe’s timeline is now totally screwed up. I mean, it’s a Barry Allen level hot mess. During a recent set visit to the show in Vancouver, the cast teases what to expect, and, yeah, it’s nuts! (Note: There may be some light spoilers for the midseason finale below, if you definitely don’t want to know anything).

First up: Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya/Vixen/Charlie) on how Charlie and Constantine try to clean up John’s mess.

QUESTION: Is there anything you can tease about the upcoming puppet episode? We know Charlie doesn’t get her own puppet, but how does she react to the other puppets?

MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS: So that’s part of the time mess up episode, which is where Constantine and she have screwed up the timeline. I mean it’s hilarious. Every act you basically see the Legends in a different form. The puppets are one of them and it’s just this mad, mad journey throughout time, of coming back and thinking you fixed it and they’re in a completely different universe because one thing has changed. And Charlie being Charlie, being a magical creature, she just kind of takes everything under her wing. She’s just like, “All right, it is what it is. How can we fix it? Let’s do this.” Nothing really fazes her. I do think she actually gets a bit of a kick out of it because, at the end of the day, she finally really truly bonds with the Legends and realizes that and she makes her decision to stay. So, in this episode, seeing them in all these different ways, all the different things, it actually sorts of makes it a bit fun, and when they do come back, she’s like, alright, I’ll hang around.


Image via The CW

QUESTION: Which puppet were you most interested in seeing?

Richardson-Sellers: I spent a lot of time with Zari puppet. She was hilarious, very sarcastic. Puppet Stein comes back. That was a terrifying one. Yeah. Puppet Stein was not necessarily a goody, let’s just say that. So, we had to do some serious battling with puppet Stein.

Next up is series lead Caity Lotz (Sara Lance), who teases her storyline:

QUESTION: Can you preview what’s in store for Sara in the alternate reality/puppet episode?

CAITY LOTZ: Yeah, so I’ve been to the recording studio twice this season, which is hilarious. And there are some music-like episodes, and the puppet episode is a lot of fun. I wish you guys could just see it now. It’s so funny. You see a different version of everyone, like a different version of the Legends, a couple different versions and it’s really wild and yeah, seeing a puppet me, it was pretty cool.

Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom) is next, giving his take on the episode:

QUESTION: Are we going to see Beebo again?

BRANDON ROUTH: A Beebo sighting would be great with the puppets. We will have puppets in a few episodes, which are really fun. And I have a lot of interaction with the puppets, different puppets. We have many different puppets on the show and then also, in the same episode, we have a fun kind of an alternate reality thing for the mid-season break, where some of the creatures from the past come back and make an appearance in that episode, and we get to be crazy and different versions of ourselves, which is always fun. And I’m trying to remember what else we have coming up that’s a mystical creature. Oh, we have a really small one. That’s pretty fun. It’s an episode that’ll come out after the break, Episode 10, I think, which wreaks havoc for all the Legends and we have a lot of fun with it.


Image via The CW

Next up is Jes Macallan (Ava Sharp), who tells us her reaction to all the puppet madness:

QUESTION: So, there’s a puppet episode coming up. How does Ava react to that, even if she doesn’t get her own puppet?

JES MACALLAN: Oh God. It’s so insane. It’s so insane. I can’t even. It’s so insane. The box of puppets was just on the other set. I mean they look funny and they’re really cute, but they’re horrible to work with. Horrible. The puppeteer’s a diva, there’s a fluffer for the puppet, (Laughter) like before you go people are like, “Bring in the fluffer,” and the thing sits there and they’re like, oh, oh, sorry. They’re like, brushing the eyebrows and stuff, the eyebrows. (Loud laughter) What did you think? They were brushing the hair. Oh my God, you’re like, “Oh God, what are they fluffing?” Rory has a massive fluffer. Really fun. Like, what the hell show are we even doing?

We get to have a sing-along song. There’s so much stuff happening this season that we’re just like, okay, we’re going to just explode the DC universe and we’re having a blast. Caity and I were just talking about like the press, and how the Legends has gone to this like very Deadpool, like making fun of almost making fun, of making fun of things and like, we’re just going to be crazy. Let’s just embrace it. We actually did a lot of the puppet stuff in here and, fun fact, because they’re so difficult to work with we had to do a lot of reshoots just to get the puppet person out of the shot or the puppet’s looks like he didn’t make the right look. Like his eyebrows went like this instead of like that so yeah, we had a bunch of extra, extra stuff that we had to tack on for the puppets characters.

QUESTION: So, what is your favorite character puppet?

MACALLAN: Oh, Caity’s. I have like full-blown, ready to hit the Internet, make-out pictures with her puppet. It’s just not allowed yet. It’s on my phone.

The midseason finale sounds like a blast.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on the CW.