‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Finds Its Vixen in ‘The Originals’ Vet Maisie Richardson-Sellers

     June 23, 2016

For fans of The CW’s DC properties, the introduction of popular DC character Vixen has been a little bit of a bumpy road. In the most recent season of Arrow, which stars Stephen Amell as the titular superhero with an uncanny archery ability, the character of Vixen, also known as Mari Jiwe McCabe, was played by Megalyn E.K. during one of the show’s myriad story arcs. When news came down that the character would be returning for a regular stint on Legends of Tomorrow, many wanted E.K., who made a huge impression in Whit Stillman‘s wondrous Damsels in Distress, to return, but her schedule has since seemingly filled up. She remains the voice of Vixen in the character’s animated digital program on CW Seed.


Image via CW

So with Legends of Tomorrow already well into work on Season 2, set to premiere on October 13th, the search has been on for Vixen as a series regular, and now, TVLine reports that the search is over. Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be playing the grandmother of E.K.’s character in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, a character who apparently originated the Vixen identity. One can look to all the time-traveling nonsense that is going down under Rip Hunter’s rule if one is wondering how this will all work out in the narrative proper.

Richardson-Sellers is perhaps best known for her work on The Originals, where she was a recurring character as Eva Sinclair, but just as many people may know her for her small but named role in a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as Korr Sella. She’s also been a regular on ABC’s Of Kings and Prophets, but you almost certainly don’t know her from that. In the comics, the character also appears with the Justice League, so we might even see a third version of this character soon enough. For now, it’s enough to wait to see how Richardson-Sellers takes on the role.


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Image via The CW