‘Legends of Tomorrow’: 20 Things We Learned from the Cast & EP at Wondercon

     March 28, 2016


On The CW series Legends of Tomorrow, Time Master Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) has traveled 150 years back into the past from 2166, to assemble a carefully selected team of heroes and rogues that he hopes will be able to stop the immortal villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) and save the world from total chaos and destruction. If they’re ever going to succeed, this team must find common ground and a way to work together, despite their often opposing personalities.

As they edge closer to their season finale, and with a Season 2 pick-up already announced, co-stars Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh and Ciara Renée were joined by executive producer Marc Guggenheim to chat with press while they were at WonderCon. Here are 20 things to know about Legends of Tomorrow and what’s to come for the remainder of the season.

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    When it comes to what fans should expect from the remainder of the season, Marc Guggenheim said, “Shit is going to get real! The first half of the year was introducing a lot of concepts and elements of the show, and then the back half of the year is paying off a lot of those conceits. Even things that we were establishing and planting the seeds for that people didn’t necessarily pick up on, you’ll start to see come to fruition. We also just started to figure out the show better, as you do with any first year show. I think the back half of Season 1 is even stronger than the first half of Season 1. Our back half is really strong. I’m super proud of it. Everyone has done amazing work.”

  • Guggenheim said that that will still be changes-ups to the team before the end of this season, and that they’re also looking at possibly doing to multi-episode arcs with new characters for next season. “We’ve certainly talked about it. It’s tricky ‘cause we have eight people on that bridge right now and it gets a little crowded. At the same time, one of the fun elements of the show is the opportunity to keep playing with people. One thing we’ve talked about is, do we bring in characters for multi-episode arcs, but who aren’t necessarily series characters? I think that will give us more flexibility, in terms of casting. It will all depend on how long our second season is. If we get more episodes next year, that will expand our storytelling possibilities, including changes in the crew. Even this year, you’ll see a not insignificant number of changes, similar to what we did in Episode 7, where Rory was essentially voted off the island by the team. That’s going to continue to be an element on the show.”
  • Guggenheim believes the show’s strength is in the characters and the great cast that they have, with their ability to pull off the comedy in a way that grounds it. He sees the biggest challenge as maintaining a lighter tone with all of the darkness that’s happening in the story.

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    Brandon Routh feels that his character, Ray Palmer, has changed as he’s spent more time with the characters that are most different from him. He’s able to understand the members of the team more and see that they’re not just out for themselves, and he is less judgmental about their backgrounds.

  • Routh said he’s always trying to figure out how he can get a high five out of his co-stars, as a fun gag for his character.
  • Caity Lotz said that now that Sara Lance is learning how not to feel like she’s a terrible murderer, she’s accepting herself a little bit more. She’s not all the way there yet, but she’s heading towards being okay with who she is and is not the lone wolf anymore.
  • Franz Drameh said that Jax will have to step up to the plate and really embrace his powers, in order to accomplish what the team is there to do. The character will have matured a lot by the finale.
  • Ciara Renée had to find the physicality for having a giant pair of wings coming out of her back. She had to figure out how what that does to your posture and how you would move around, and it’s something that’s always evolving.
  • In these remaining episodes, the Kendra-Ray romance will come more to the forefront, and you’ll learn about whether that will happen or not.
  • Viewers will get to see more of Jax’s family life, and the relationship between Jax and his father. That will give glimpses into why he is the way he is.

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    There will be some changes and modifications to some of the characters’ powers, as they evolve.

  • Routh, Lotz and Drameh all really enjoyed getting to visit the Western era and interact with Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech).
  • The time period that Drameh and Routh would most like to explore, that they haven’t yet, is medieval. Routh wants to trade in Ray Palmer’s Atom suit for a suit of armor. Lotz wants to do a Birds of Prey Earth-2 episode.
  • Falk Hentschel will be returning to the show because Kendra will be having more and more memories of her past lives with Carter.
  •  As far as upcoming cross-overs go, both Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) will appear on Legends.
  • Renée thinks it would be interesting to see Kendra meet back up with Cisco because she has been on such a journey since then. Everything in her life has changed and she remembers about all of the other lives that she’s had, so she’ll be a very different woman, if they ever get to meet up again.
  • Routh said that he will not be returning to The Flash this season, but he looks forward to venturing back into that world, potentially next season.
  • When it comes to her departure from Arrow, Lotz would like to see Sara have some closure or resolution with Nyssa. “I think that may be something we see a little bit. The hard part with our show is that, because there are so many characters and we all have so much going on, we don’t’ have time to dive into everything. Hopefully, next season, we’ll get to go into it some more.”
  • Vandal Savage’s plan will be coming together and the team is thrown a lot of curve balls. The team will be forced to wonder whether or not they’ll even be able to complete their mission to stop him, and they’ll have to get creative.

  • Vandal Savage is only the big bad for Season 1. The season will end with a definitive answer to the Vandal Savage storyline. You’ll learn about whether Rip Hunter’s family will get saved, whether Vandal Savage conquers the world, what happens to Vandal Savage and what happens to the Hawks, by the end of the season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursday nights on The CW.


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Image via the CW