LEGION Red-Band Trailer

     August 12, 2009


I didn’t hear a lot of buzz out of Comic-Con for “Legion” which was a little strange considering it had a pretty neat premise: Paul Bettany plays a fallen angel who attempts to save humanity from all the other angels attempting to exterminate humanity.  Read about my disappointment and see the trailer after the jump.

Then I watched this restricted-trailer and I understood why there was no buzz.  To begin, the effects look terrible.  Really, really terrible.  Like “I Am Legend” level effects.  And while watching the trailer, I just had one recurring thought: Yes, I have seen “Supernatural” and even though I don’t like where that show has gone, it’s clearly a thousand times better than this.  All they’ve done is replaced angels with demons and convincing effects with awful ones.  It’s all really disappointing when you stop to consider that not only is Paul Bettany a fantastic actor, but he’s teaming up again with director Scott Stewart for “Priest”, another cool-sounding film that now has my dread rather than excitement.

Check out the trailer after the jump but be warned it’s from MySpace and while you don’t have to be a member to watch the embed, it’s still a crappy system from a site that’s already faded into irrelevance. If you want to wait for another version to come online somewhere else, I understand.  “Legion” hits theatres on January 22nd, 2010.

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