Syfy Turning LEGION Into TV Series

     February 10, 2012


Well, if you weren’t disappointed enough in Scott Stewart‘s film Legion when it hit theaters back in 2010, maybe he can leave a bad taste in your mouth on TV this time. Deadline reports SyFy is developing a series adaptation of the film which followed the Archangel Michael (played in the film by Paul Bettany) as he disobeyed God’s orders and attempted to help the humans fight against a legion of angels sent to bring about the Apocalypse. I’ll give Stewart credit for knowing how to direct action, but the characters and story were weak sauce, and I can’t see how he can make things any better by directing and executive producing a TV adaptation of a film that just didn’t work. In addition, who will stand up to the sheer commanding presence of Paul Bettany? It’s going to be a tough sell.