Check Out This Awesome LEGO Set for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

     May 10, 2012


Sadly, that Shaun of the Dead LEGO set we featured last month hasn’t been approved for production. But the good news is, people will still keep making awesome custom LEGO sets for us to feast our eyes upon, and another one has just shown up. Our attention has been called to this fantastic LEGO set paying tribute to Arrested Development to go along with the anticipated return of the series with new episodes on Netflix sometime down the road.

Matt De Lanoy has crafted a custom set featuring the entire Bluth clan along with their infamous model home, and of course, the ever handy stair car. While you may never have any of these LEGO figurines or that awesomely accurate LEGO version of the home that Michael (Jason Bateman) and George-Michael (Michael Cera) called home, you might just be able to get that stair car in your hands. Information on that and a slew of photos of the LEGO set (which includes a blue Tobias Fünke too) after the jump.

Over at the custom LEGO community Cuusoo, you can vote on the stair car design right here and if it gets 10,000 votes, it can go to LEGO for review and potential production. Of course, considering Shaun of the Dead didn’t make the cut, and Arrested Development isn’t really geared towards kids, it’s likely that this design would be shot down by the review board as well. Of course, with new episodes of Arrested Development definitely coming, it seems like anything is possible nowadays. In the meantime, here’s a few images of the LEGO set, created by Matt De Lanoy, for your jealous eyes (via I Watch Stuff):

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