Watch ‘Lego Movie’ Alums Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks Reunite to Beat Coronavirus

     May 11, 2020


I freaking love the cinematic Lego Movie universe. I find both entries in the main series to be hilarious, visually splendid, surprisingly emotional, and purveyors of excellent moral lessons. I find The Lego Batman Movie to be literally the best Batman film made to date. And I find all of them to be stuffed with catchier-than-catchy tunes. Lucky for me, and for other Lego fans reading, Lego Movie stars Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks have reunited for a lovely cause — a coronavirus PSA.

But this ain’t your typical coronavirus PSA. Like Simon Pegg and Larry David before, the crew behind this film have taken great pains to ensure it has a similar sense of humor — and even serves as a continuation of the Lego Movie continuity! Emmet is inventing unintuitive acronyms and claiming he won’t understand covid-19 because he didn’t read the first 18. Lucy is back on her “dark and gloomy” bullshit and claiming she doesn’t sing, right before remembering that she had to when saving everyone’s life in Lego Movie 2. And, of course, it ends with a delightful-but-brief tune explaining the five things to remember when protecting yourself. Do I wish The Lonely Island and company could’ve written a new bop instead of a brief “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”? Of course I do. But I’ll take any air hug I can get.

Check out the full PSA below, and good luck getting that “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” update out of your head. For more Lego updates, did you know they’re moving studios?

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