Leigh Whannell Signs First-Look Deal with Blumhouse; Studio Wants to Make More Universal Monster Movies

     March 2, 2020

This has not been what you’d call a terrible weekend for Leigh Whannell. Shortly after the filmmaker’s The Invisible Man nabbed a $29 million opening weekend on a $7 million budget, Whannell signed an overall deal with Blumhouse for film and television. The two-year first-look deal will reportedly cover projects Whannell will write, direct, and/or produce.

Here’s what Whannell had to say in a statement:


Image via Universal

“Ten years ago, I walked into Jason Blum’s office thinking that I was having a general meeting with a producer who liked horror movies,” he said. “Little did I know that a decade long partnership and friendship was about to begin. I have since watched his then-infant company, Blumhouse, grow into a powerhouse of genre films; a nurturing place that is willing to take risks on people. Indeed, they have taken plenty of risks on me and I look forward to taking many more with them as they continue to grow in the world of film and television.”

The Invisible Man marked the seventh collaboration between Whannell and Blumhouse, a history that includes four Insidious films and the vastly underrated Upgrade. So what does the future hold? A recent Bloomberg interview with Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum suggests more Universal Monster flicks could be on the horizon. (You may recall 2017’s The Mummy as a failed attempt to launch a new Universal “Dark Universe”, but reaction to the Blumhouse-backed The Invisible Man has been far more favorable.)

If The Invisible Man succeeds, would you want to make another monster movie?
I would love to.

Have you thought about what that might be?
I’ve had some version of this conversation. Not a serious one. I would say to Universal, “What monsters are available that I could play around with?” I would send those things to our seven favorite filmmakers. But I’m not going to talk to Universal until The Invisible Man comes out.

For more on The Invisible Man, here is our full review and a look at how Whannell crafted the perfect modern-day monster tale.

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