Joe Carnahan Reveals Filming Details for ‘Leo from Toledo’ Starring Mel Gibson & Frank Grillo

     February 13, 2020

During Collider’s recent screening of Boss Level, with a follow-up Q&A featuring director/co-writer Joe Carnahan and star Frank Grillo, the filmmakers teased a lot more of what’s to come from the dynamic duo. Or, in fact, make that a trio, because Boss Level star Mel Gibson is also on tap for their next project, an action-focused flick that shoots sooner than later.

Just as Carnahan and Grillo reteamed for Boss Level, a sci-fi feature that sees the latter playing a retired special forces soldier who is stuck in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death, they’ll also reunite with Gibson for their new movie, Leo from Toledo. Here’s what Carnahan had to say about the plot of that pic:

“It’s Mel Gibson as Martin Riggs in his 60s.”


Image via War Party

Sold. But more specifically.

“Mel plays a guy who is suffering from ‘waking dementia.’ He blacks out. He’s conscious, he’s awake, and then he just loses time … He basically is living as this guy named Leo Ward, and he has an encounter with these local toughs, and he wakes up in the hospital … He rolls his admittance bracelet over and it says Conrad Verrick. Conrad Verrick was his name when he was a hitman for the Kansas City mob. And he’s in witness protection now. He’s just given up the ghost, so they know he’s alive and they’re comin’ for him.”

Playing a pivotal role in the conflict that follows is Grillo, who will be “an Anderson Cooper-like hitman,” says Carnahan. And yes, that means Grillo will look like Anderson Cooper while he goes after Mel Gibson’s character, so, fans, you’ll have to hold him to that. Keep an eye out for the trio as they get ready to film in Ohio and Louisiana.

the-raid-remake-joe-carnahan-update-new-title-socialAs for when Leo from Toledo is going to get started, their filming date is soon and their timetable is surprisingly short. They’re expected to start their WarParty Films production in the next seven or eight weeks, planning on a roughly 30-day shooting schedule. Lawrence Grey also produces through his Grey Matter Productions banner. Keep an eye out for more on this one as it develops.

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