Warner Bros. Buys Jo Nesbø’s Upcoming Novel BLOOD ON THE SNOW as Starring Vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio

     October 21, 2013


Author Jo Nesbø’s work is no stranger to Hollywood.  Several years ago, Working Title purchased the rights to his novel The Snowman, and at one point Martin Scorsese added it to his very full plate of potential projects. Two years ago, Summit picked up his book, Headhunters.  Neither of these have come anywhere close to pre-production, but Warner Bros. hopes they’ll have better luck with Nesbø’s upcoming novel, Blood on the Snow, which his the first book in a two-book series.  Written under the pseudonym Tom Johansson, the story is about a hit man who is asked by his boss to kill the boss’ wife.  However, the hit man ends up falling for the wife instead.  According to Deadline, Nesbø will then follow-up with More Blood on the Water in 2015 and then in 2016 will have The Kidnapping, which ties into the other books and brings Johansson into the series by making him a kidnap victim.  All of this adds up to a potential franchise for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. paid $500,000 against $2 million for the rights, and they’re looking to get Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role.   However, DiCaprio’s dance card is always crowded.  In the last six months alone, his name has been linked to Legacy of Secrecy, Rasputin, Mean Business on North Ganson Street, King Harald, and Wilson.  The guy has got options.

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