Leonardo DiCaprio Briefly Talks INCEPTION

     March 16, 2010


Leonardo DiCaprio has broken the first rule of starring in Inception, “Do not talk about Inception (or you’ll be destroyed by writer-director Christopher Nolan’s secret robot ninja army).”  Speaking to Empire, DiCaprio didn’t reveal anything major about the film (so he’ll only be a little destroyed), but said that it’s like “Memento but on a much grander scale with more spectacle to it.”  He continues,

“This is a plot-structure that’s working on multiple layers simultaneously – and quite literally when I say simultaneously, I do mean multiple narratives simultaneously. So everyone’s going to be in for a treat when they see it, including me.”

Sorry, Leo.  You won’t be around to see it.  You knew the rule and you broke it.  Inception hits theaters on July 16th.  Hit the jump to see the trailer that gives away practically nothing about the movie.


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