Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Hires a Writer for his TWILIGHT ZONE Feature

     July 19, 2009


One whole year ago we told you that Leonardo DiCaprio was planning to produce a film based on Rod Serling’s TV classic “The Twilight Zone”. The actor, through his Appian Way Productions, was said to be looking for a writer who could bring the Zone back to the big screen in a fresh way – as fresh as a remaking a fifty year-old TV script can be, anyway.  Well it only took 12 months but it looks like DiCaprio has found his man.  According to Variety, Rand Ravich (NBC’s “Life”) has been hired to draft the “Twilight Zone” redux.  Hit the jump to find out what DiCaprio and Rand have in store for their new take on Serling.

I tricked you there.  We still don’t know how the producers plan to handle this new “Zone” except that they definitely do not want to go the anthology route – the style favored by executive producer Steven Spielberg for his big screen “Twilight Zone” back in 1983.

Appian is partnered with Warner Brothers on the project and both parties are said to be interested in making a film that follows one continuous story arc – using one or more classic Serling episodes or their themes.  I read somewhere that “To Serve Man” was a likely candidate but I hope that’s just idle chatter (because, spoiler alert!  It’s a cookbook!).

I liked Ravich’s spooky “The Astronaut’s Wife” so I’m willing to hope that the man has something more to offer this project than special effects.   Until then, begin speculating on which episode and or “theme” Ravich should write up… Now!

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