Help Leonardo DiCaprio Get His Oscar in This Throwback Video Game

     February 16, 2016


Leonardo DiCaprio is someone who should probably have an Academy Award by now. For various reasons, regardless of the great performances he gave, it just wasn’t his time. Coupled with the slight of five nominations and zero wins are the many times he was passed over for a nomination altogether. This includes roles he arguably could have won for, in films like Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, and Django Unchained. This “always the bridesmaid never the bride” mentality truly caught on when he was last up for the award for The Wolf Of Wall Street, eventually seeing what is arguably his best performance (respectfully) overshadowed by Matthew McConaughey’s McConaissance (but you can’t be too mad at the guy- he did give us this).

However, with The Revenant leading the Academy Awards in nominations and DiCaprio picking up every other award along the way for his role in it, it’s looking like this is Leo’s year. Before he finally gets that Oscar, though, it would appear people want to have one last bit of fun with his as-of-yet unfinished quest.

A just-released online game called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage allows you to help in Leo’s journey. It is in the style of an old arcade game and literally consists of DiCaprio running down the red carpet after his long-overdue prize: an Oscar. Along the way he must avoid everything from paparazzi to Lady Gaga, crawl to his car while on quaaludes, and practice his acting intensity. Check out the trailer for it below:

The game itself is a good bit of fun, albeit seemingly impossible (so now imagine how Leo feels). The mini-challenges help break it up and add a laugh. It also does a good job of skewering the Academy along the way. The cherry on top, though, would have been having to fight a bear.

All around it is very clever, so give props to The Line Animation, as part of Electric Theatre Collective, for creating the game, along with designer Max Van Der Merwe, with concept, artwork and design by Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor.

I only reached Level 9 in my first go of it, so I cannot say whether you can help Leo get his Oscar. But we will all know when the Oscar telecast airs on Sunday, February 29 on ABC.


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