Leslie Bibb, Patrick Fugit and Shannon Sossamon – Exclusive Video Interviews

     October 24, 2007

If you read the article I posted with the movie clips for “Wristcutters,” the beginning of this will be quite familiar….

“Wristcutters: A Love Story” is a movie that really surprised me when I saw it a few weeks back. It’s not that I didn’t expect it to be good… I was just surprised at how original the film was and how much I liked it.

I think one of the reasons was the film didn’t try and throw all these curve balls at the audience. The film reveals almost immediately that it takes place in the suicide afterlife, and it’s quite refreshing to not have to deal with a movie that’s trying to confound and confuse.

The story is about Patrick Fugit’s character of Zia. After killing himself he lands a job at Kamikaze Pizzeria and learns that things are not so different from his previous life, just a little bit worse.

Things look up when he discovers that his dream girl, Desiree (Leslie Bibb), has also committed suicide. As he takes a journey to find the love of his life, Zia discovers two friends—the clever, oddly charming Russian rocker (Shea Whigham) and a sexy intelligent ingénue (Shannyn Sossamon) who is determined to prove she is in the after-life by a cruel mistake. Together, in a rickety orange station wagon held together by masking tape —this impromptu family hits the road—only to meet up with wonderful Kneller (Tom Waits) who shepherds them through the ultimate version of Utopia.

So to help promote the film, I recently got to interview three of the stars of the film – Leslie Bibb, Patrick Fugit and Shannon Sossamon. All of them talk about how they got involved in the project and what they have coming up. As usual, I’ve posted some of what we talked about above each interview.

“Wristcutters: A Love Story” opens in Los Angeles this Friday and nationwide on November 2nd.

Leslie Bibb

  • She talks about the process of making the film and how quick it all was from filming to going to Sundance only a few months after wrapping.

  • Iron Man talk. She’s the one in the trailer who is asking Robert Downey Jr. the questions. She’s the female reporter.

  • Then she talks Sex and Death 101 and Midnight Meat Train.

Patrick Fugit

  • We start by talking about doing a lot of interviews.

  • I ask how he got involved with the project and what drew him to it.

  • We discuss how this isn’t a twist movie and what did he think about that.

  • The location shooting

  • We talk about his other projects coming up like The Good Life and The Horsemen.

Shannon Sossamon

  • What brought her to the role and she talks about how fast everything with the film happened.

  • Was this a personal movie or just a character to her?

  • The Sundance experience with Wristcutters.

  • She talks about her upcoming projects like One Missed Call, Life is Hot in Cracktown and The Heavy.

  • I ask if she still DJ’s and if she misses it.

  • She talks about Moonlight and how she plays a vampire.

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